Yogurt salad dressing

mayo substitute healthy
This yogurt salad dressing is my favorite! It’s very creamy and flavorful and it tastes like mayo :). Although homemade mayonnaise is very tasty, I prefer to not use it for my salads. Homemade mayonnaise it is made from raw egg yolks and tons of vegetable oil and this isn’t quite healthy.
This delicious yogurt salad dressing it’s made from plain yogurt, hard boiled egg yolk, mustard, a bit of vegetable oil and lemon juice and it is seasoned with salt and pepper. It is very easy to make and you don’t need any special instruments to prepare it. You only need 1 bowl and a fork :).
As regarding the yogurt, you can use you favorite plain yogurt. You can use a low fat yogurt but you can also use a Greek yogurt. If you prepare the yogurt salad dressing with Greek yogurt it will be more creamy than a dressing made from low fat yogurt.
I love this yogurt dressing in my salads but you can use it in all the cases instead of homemade mayonnaise. You can use it for burgers, for sandwiches, for grilled meats or vegetables.
The below ingredients are for about 200 gr of yogurt salad dressing.

Ingredients for yogurt salad dressing:

– 140 gr plain yogurt
– 1 egg yolk (hard boiled)
– 15 gr mustard
– 20 ml vegetable oil
– 10-30 ml lemon juice (to taste)
– salt and pepper to taste

How to make yogurt salad dressing.

Place the hard boiled egg yolk into a bowl and smash it with a fork.
Add the mustard and mix to combine.
Pour the vegetable oil, gradually, and stir to incorporate.
Pour the lemon juice and stir to incorporate.
Add the yogurt and combine.
Season with salt and pepper.

The yogurt salad dressing is ready to use!


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