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Fruit yogurt cake

So refreshing and flavorful, this delicious fruit yogurt cake makes the perfect summer treat. And it’s so incredibly easy to make :).
This wonderful cake is made from plain yogurt, whipped cream and fruits, with a lady fingers base. So, you don’t have to bake anything and that’s a big plus in summer time, right? 🙂 You have though to use the stove for a few minutes to melt the gelatin.
As regarding the fruits, I used apricots and peaches but you may use your favorite fruits. You may use fresh or canned fruits. Pay attention though to papaya, pineapple and kiwi because they don’t get along very well with gelatin. You may use them, but combined with other fruits or you can use a larger amount of gelatin.

Ingredients for fruit yogurt cake (for a 30-11.5 cm baking dish)

– 400 gr plain yogurt
– 200 ml whipping cream
– 150-180 gr icing sugar (or to taste)
– 15 gr gelatin
– 300 gr fruits (pitted)
– vanilla extract
– about 10 ladyfingers
For the top: fresh fruits
You also need 150 ml cold water or milk to soak the gelatin (see also the instructions from the package)

How to make fruit yogurt cake

Rinse and dice the fruits. If the fruits are too juicy, allow to drain for 10-15 minutes.
Place the gelatin in a bowl along with 150 ml cold milk (or water) and allow to rest for about 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes you have to melt the gelatin using bain – marie method. Choose a heatproof pan (just a little bit larger than the bowl) to fill it water. There should be about 2 cm of space between the water and the bottom of the bowl.
Pour water into the pot, place it over medium heat and bring to a boil.
Place the bowl with gelatin on top of the pot with simmering water. Reduce the heat and cook until the gelatin is completely melted.
Remove from heat and allow to cool until room temperature.
Meanwhile place the whipping cream into a large bowl and mix until firm and fluffy. Add the yogurt and combine.

Add the vanilla extract and the icing sugar and combine. Add the melted gelatin and combine.
You should obtain a fluid mixture.
Line the baking dish (30/11.5cm) with plastic wrap.
Pour in 1/3 of yogurt cream. Over the cream sprinkle diced fruits.
Pour in another 1/3 of cream and sprinkle diced fruits.
Pour in the last layer of yogurt cream and top with ladyfingers. It’s an upside – down cake and this will be the bottom.
Cover the cake with plastic wrap and place it into the refrigerator for about 6 to 12 hours (or over night).
Remove the cake from the refrigerator, remove the plastic wrap and carefully invert the cake onto a platter. Top with fresh fruits.
Slice the cake and serve.


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