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Chocolate pudding

Creamy, flavorful and comforting chocolate pudding is simply the best dessert. I could never say no to a cup of chocolate pudding.
And it’s also quick and incredibly easy to make from scratch. All you have to do is to mix all the ingredients and to cook until thickened.
Chocolate pudding makes the perfect treat no matter the season. A bowl of warm chocolate pudding will warm your soul in a cold winter day. Chocolate pudding makes also the perfect summer treat served cold, topped with fresh fruits or whipping cream.
You can also add nuts, raisins or rolled oats. Use your imagination, there’s no limit!

Ingredients for chocolate pudding:

– 600 ml (2 and 1/2 cups) milk
– 2 eggs
– 50 gr (1.76 oz) dark chocolate
– 40 gr (1.41 oz) cocoa powder
– 40 gr (1.41 oz) flour
– 120 gr (4.23 oz) granulated sugar
– vanilla or rum flavor


How to make chocolate pudding

Set aside 4-5 tablespoons of cold milk (from the 600 ml mentioned above).
Warm the rest of the milk until hot. Set aside.
Place the eggs and sugar into a heatproof pan. Mix until creamy and pale. 
Add the flour and mix to incorporate.
Add the cold milk, then the cocoa and mix after each one to incorporate.
Pour in the hot milk, gradually, and mix to incorporate. Add the chocolate.

Place the pan over low heat and cook until thickens. The chocolate pudding is ready when it starts to make bubbles.
Remove from heat and add your favorite flavor (vanilla or rum).

Pour the chocolate pudding into bowls while is still hot. If you want to turn the pudding upside down rinse the bowls with cold water first.


Then pour the pudding, allow to completely cool then invert it onto a platter.

You may serve this delicious chocolate pudding as it is or topped with fresh fruits or whipped cream.
It’s a delight!


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