Profiteroles – with vanilla pastry cream, ice cream and chocolate sauce – video recipe

Soft and flaky choux filled with cold vanilla pastry cream and topped with ice cream and chocolate… Mmm, these profiteroles make the perfect summer treat!

Profiteroles are French pastry balls filled with vanilla pastry cream or whipped cream and usually topped with chocolate sauce or dusted with sugar.

Profiteroles are made from pâte à choux (choux pastry), the same dough used to prepare éclairs. It is made from flour, eggs, butter and water/milk (or half water and half milk). The batter can also be made using vegetable oil instead of butter. The choux are fluffy and airy but I think they are a little drier than the ones made with butter. I was forced to use vegetable oil because I forgot to buy butter :).

This pâte à choux (choux pastry) contains no raising agent but it has the ability to rise almost three times its original size.

Of course, there are a few rules to be respected:

It’s very important to “dry” the batter, meaning that you have to cook the batter for about 4 minutes or until it pulls away from the sides of the pan and a white film forms on the bottom.

It’s also very important to bake the choux at high heat first (to help them puff) then reduce the heat (to help them dry).

In Romania we have our special way to serve profiteroles: we fill them up with vanilla pastry cream and top them with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Of course, you can replace vanilla pastry cream with your favorite filling, but trust me: vanilla pastry cream is the best! As regarding the ice cream, I prefer vanilla ice cream but chocolate ice cream is also a great choice.

You definitely have to try these profiteroles! They are awesome!


For the choux:

– 150 ml (1/2 cup and 2 tablespoons) water

– 3 eggs

– a pinch of salt

– 100 gr (3/4 cup and 1 tablespoon) flour

– 90 ml (1/3 cup ant 1 tablespoon) vegetable oil

You also need: 

Vanilla pastry cream

– 3 scoops of ice cream per serving

– chocolate sauce

– 200 ml (3/4 cup 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon) whipping cream


How to make profiteroles:

You should start by preparing the choux

Use a medium pot to combine the water, the vegetable oil and a pinch of salt. Place the pot over medium heat and bring to a boil.

Remove from heat and stir in the flour.

Return to heat. Reduce the heat and continue to cook, stirring constantly, for about four minutes or until a white film forms on the bottom of the pot. This is the “drying the batter” procedure. During this procedure the water evaporates and this will help the choux to puff up.

Remove from heat and transfer the batter to a cold metallic bowl. Allow to cool for a few minutes (to room temperature).

Add the eggs, one by one and mix to incorporate. You must obtain a smooth and shiny batter.

Transfer the batter to a piping bag.

Pipe about 2-3 cm (1 – 1/2 in) apart onto a non-stick baking tray

Place the choux into the preheated oven and bake at 220°C (425°F) for about 10-15 minutes (or until puffed up) . Then reduce the heat to 170°C (338°F) and continue to bake for another 10-15 minutes.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool on wire racks.

Meanwhile prepare the vanilla pastry cream and whip the cream.

Fill a piping bag with vanilla pastry cream and pipe into the center of each profiterole.

How to assemble profiteroles

Place 3 profiteroles onto a platter or into an ice cream bowl. Drizzle some chocolate sauce. Place on top 3 scoops of ice cream and pipe some whipped cream wherever you find some empty spot. We don’t want any empty spots :). Place on top another profiterole and drizzle more chocolate sauce.

Now you may serve these delicious profiteroles.



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