Batter fried chicken cutlets
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Batter fried chicken cutlets

So juicy, tender and packed with flavor, these batter fried chicken cutlets make the perfect choice for a quick and satisfying dinner. These delicious cutlets go great with mashed potatoes, with fries or with your favorite salad. My favorite combo is batter fried chicken cutlets, fries and pickles 😋 And, if you love homemade burgers, you can make a delicious sandwich with fried chicken, fries, cheese, mayo, ketchup and your favorite veggies. Oh, I’m already drooling 😁

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These chicken cutlets are pretty easy to make with a handful of ingredients.You need boneless chicken breast, sour cream, eggs, flour, vegetable oil and spices. I season my chicken with salt, ground pepper and garlic powder but you can also add paprika, chili flakes or aromatic herbs.
The cooking process is quick and easy: slice and season the chicken. Then make the batter, dip the chicken into flour, then into batter, then fry on both sides until golden brown.
You definitely have to try these batter fried chicken cutlets, you’re going to love them!

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– 800 gr (1.8 pounds) boneless chicken breast
– 120 gr (1 cup) flour
– 6-7 tablespoons cold water
– 3 eggs
– 200 gr (7 ounces) sour cream
– salt and pepper to taste
– 1 tablespoon garlic powder
You also need:
– a few tablespoons of flour to dip the chicken 
– vegetable oil for frying

How to make Batter fried chicken cutlets

Rinse and slice the chicken breast. Season each slice on both sides with salt and pepper. Set aside.
How to make the batter.
Place flour into a medium bowl. Add water, just enough to obtain a thick mixture (about 6-7 tablespoons). Then add the sour cream and stir to combine.
Add the eggs, slightly beaten, and stir to combine.

Heat the oil.
Place a few tablespoons of flour onto a platter.
Dip each chicken slice into flour, then into batter, then drop into hot oil. Fry on both sides.
Transfer to paper towels.
Repeat with the remaining slices.
Serve warm with your favorite side dish.


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  • angiesrecipes

    wow these look right up my alley! So golden brown and crisp…I am drooling! Are 120gs of flour all for the batter? The reason I ask is because in the recipe instruction you mentioned that the chicken needs to be dip first in flour, but I didn’t find the 2nd flour in the ingredient list.

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