• Chocolate heart cookies
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    Chocolate heart cookies – video recipe

    See how cute these chocolate heart cookies are? You can make these homemade chocolate cookies for Valentine’s Day or any occasion when you want to offer a sweet gift to your loved ones.These chocolate heart cookies are absolutely delicious and pretty easy to make. Just prepare the dough, shape small balls and coat with sugar then bake. Let cool only for 5 minutes then press one chocolate heart in the center of each cookie. These chocolate heart cookies are quick and easy to make and everybody loves them. More chocolate cookie recipes Nutella thumbprint cookiesChocolate chunk cookies Valentine’s Day cookiesChocolate Ischler cookiesChocolate crinkle cookies Ingredients (about 36 cookies): – 200 gr…

  • cookies,  desserts

    Valentine’s day cookies (video recipe)

    I love Valentine’s day, is one of my favorite holidays. It’s about love, kisses, hugs but also about cookies, candies and cakes. And i just realized that I don’t have any Valentine’s day recipe on my blog. OMG, I must fix this!!! So I made these Valentine’s day cookies. See how cute they are 🙂 Tender and buttery, with crisp edges and coated with chocolate, these sugar cookies are the perfect sweet treat for Valentine’s day. These Valentine’s day cookies are also very easy to prepare with a handful of ingredients. As regarding the ingredients it’s very important to use unsalted butter or 82% fat butter. Low fat butter is…