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Romanian crustless cheesecake

In Romania we have a traditional cheesecake called “pasca” made from a sweet bread crust and filled with sweet cheese and raisins. We have also a delicious sweet cheese and raisin pie which is similar to a sweet shortcrust pastry filled with cheese. These are both absolutely delicious desserts , but what I love most is the filling.
So, I’ve made a delicious crustless cheesecake, flavorful and loaded with raisins.
To prepare this cheese cake you need quark cheese which is similar to our “sweet cheese”.
This is also a quick and easy to make cheesecake. All you have to do is to combine all the ingredients, pour the batter into a baking dish and bake. The most difficult part is to let the cake to completely cool before cutting it 🙂
You may serve this delicious crustless cheese cake as it is or dusted with icing sugar. You really have to give it a try. It’s gorgeous!
Note: For baking I used a 17/27 cm (6.69/10.62 inches) baking tray. A 20/20 cm (7/87/7.87 inches) baking tray will do.
Romanian crustless cheesecake
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Ingredients for Romanian crustless cheesecake

– 500 gr (17.63 oz) quark cheese or curd cheese
– 4 eggs
– 80 gr (2.82 oz) soft butter
– 100 gr (3.52 oz) yogurt
– 150 gr (5.29 oz / 3/4 cup) granulated sugar
– 3 tablespoons flour
– 3 tablespoons semolina flour
– 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
– a pinch of salt
– vanilla essence
– 100 gr (3.52 oz or 3/4 cup) raisins
Optional: icing sugar for dusting


How to make Romanian crustless cheesecake


Use a medium bowl to combine flour, semolina flour, a pinch of salt and baking powder. Set aside.
Place the eggs into a large bowl, add the sugar and mix until foamy.
Add quark cheese, soft butter, yogurt and vanilla flavor and mix after each one to combine.
Add the flour (combined with semolina flour, a pinch of salt and baking powder) and use a spatula to incorporate it.
Stir in the raisins.

Pour the batter into a baking tray (17/27 cm – 6.69/10.62 inches) coated with butter and flour.
Place the baking tray into the preheated oven and bake at 180ºC (356º F) for about 45 minutes.
Allow to cool completely.
You may serve this delicious Romanian crustless cheesecake as it is or dusted with icing sugar.
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