Banana yogurt popsicles (video recipe)

Super delicious and flavorful, refreshing and very easy to prepare, these banana yogurt popsicles are a healthy way to beat the summer heat. And the best part: there’s no sugar! For sweetness I added 1/2 cup of raisins which give also an interesting texture. If you don’t like raisins you can replace them with honey or with agave syrup.
For flavor I used vanilla and cinnamon. Cinnamon goes with bananas!
And this banana yogurt popsicles recipe is also my first video recipe :). I wanted to start with something easy because this is a one man show. My husband helps me only with the eating part :). But I’m learning and practicing and I’m sure I’m going to make good videos. Someday :).
But let’s go back to our banana yogurt popsicles.
They are also very easy to prepare: all you have to do is to combine all the ingredients, transfer to cups and place into the freezer for a few hours.
You really have to try these banana yogurt popsicles. They are super delicious, flavorful and healthy.
The recipe makes 4-6 popsicles.

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Ingredients for the banana yogurt popsicles:

– 200 gr (1 cup minus 2 tablespoons) plain yogurt
– 2 overripe bananas
– 60 gr (1/2 cup) raisins
– 1 tablespoon vanilla flavor
– 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
You also need 4 to 6 popsicle molds (depending on their size)

How to make the banana yogurt popsicles.

Place the raisins and the bananas into a blender. Mix until the raisins are completely mashed. Add vanilla flavor, ground cinnamon and yogurt. Mix until combined.
Pour the mixture into popsicle molds.
Place the popsicles into the freezer for a few hours.
I have carrot popsicle molds, cute and funny :).

My kids love these banana yogurt popsicles!

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