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Crêpe cake

Oh, how much I love crêpes! I love them filled with chocolate pastry cream, with sour cherry jam or with apricot jam. But a crêpe cake? Wow, that sounds amazing!

This crêpe cake is a delicious combo of thin and delicate crêpes layered with vanilla pastry cream and bananas and topped with cocoa glaze.

This crêpe cake is also very easy to prepare and the great part is that you don’t have to use the oven.

To prepare this delicious crêpe cake you should start by making the vanilla pastry cream because it must be completely cold when you layer the cake.

Homemade vanilla pastry cream is also very easy to prepare with a handful of ingredients, healthier and much more delicious then the store bought one. And it takes about 30 minutes to make your own vanilla pastry cream.

I also used homemade cocoa glaze. It’s super easy to make and absolutely delicious. The cocoa glaze should be at room temperature, so you can prepare it right after the vanilla pastry cream.

Crêpes are very easy to make but there are a few rules to follow:

– The consistency of the batter shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. You may adjust the consistency bi adding milk or flour as needed.

– Always let the batter rest for 20-30 minutes before starting to fry the crêpes

– You should use a non stick frying pan lightly oiled after each crêpe (or once at two crêpes)

– The frying pan must be hot when you pour the batter

– Pour enough batter to cover the frying pan with a thin layer

– You should tilt the frying pan very quickly to spread the batter evenly. The pan is very hot and the batter starts to cook right away.

To assemble the crêpe cake, just layer crepes and vanilla pastry cream mixed with bananas and top with cocoa glaze.

You definitely have to try out this crêpe cake! It’s the best! 🙂

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Ingredients for the Crêpe Cake (for a 24 cm/ 9.44 inches diameter)

9 crêpes (full recipe here)

– 2 bananas

1 portion vanilla pastry cream (Full recipe here)

1 portion cocoa glaze (full recipe here)

Topping: fresh fruits

How to make the Crêpe Cake:

You should start by making the vanilla pastry cream. Allow to cool completely.

Meanwhile you can make the cocoa glaze. Allow to achieve the room temperature. Don’t chill! If you chill the cocoa glaze it will be too thick and you won’t be able to glaze the crepe cake. Also, if the cocoa glaze is too hot, it will be too fluid. So, room temperature is the best.

Meanwhile you should make the crêpes. Allow to cool completely.

You need 9 crêpes for this cake but the recipe makes about 12. You may serve the remaining crêpes with jam or with nutella :).

Now you can assemble the crêpe cake

How to assemble the crêpe cake

Finely dice the bananas.

Stir together the vanilla pastry cream and diced bananas. 

Place one crêpe onto a platter and evenly spread on top about 2 tablespoons of vanilla pastry cream.

Over the cream place the second crêpe and cover with another 2 tablespoons of vanilla pastry cream.

And so on till you finish the crêpes. As I was saying, you need 9 crêpes. The last layer must be a crêpe.

Pour the cocoa glaze over the cake with circular motions, starting from the center.

Top with fresh fruits.

You should refrigerate the cake for a few hours, over night is even better, to allow the layers to set.



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