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Chicken Kiev

Slightly crispy on the outside but incredibly tender and flavorful on the inside, this chicken Kiev is my favorite!

Chicken Kiev is a very tasty and very popular schnitzel. It is made of boneless chicken breast stuffed with a mixture of butter, garlic and herbs, wrapped in breadcrumbs then fried or baked.

The result is an irresistible combo of textures and flavors.The crust is slightly crispy, the meat incredibly tender and the butter melts into a rich and very flavorful sauce.

This chicken Kiev is not the easiest dish to make but it totally worth the effort!

There are 2 ways to make chicken Kiev.

1. Pound the chicken breast, place the frozen butter on top and roll up.

2. Use a knife to make a pocket into the chicken breast and insert the frozen butter into the pocket

I prefer the second method. It seems difficult to make that little poker for the butter, but you have to trust me, this is the easiest method to make chicken Kiev.

Then coat with breadcrumbs and deep-fry until golden brown or bake. I must admit that I prefer the deep-fried version. Deep-fried chicken is much more tasty than the baked one.

You may serve this delicious chicken Kiev along with your favorite side dish or along with a salad. It goes great with mashed potatoes and cucumber salad :).

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Ingredients for chicken Kiev

– 4 halves boneless chicken breast

– salt and pepper to taste

For filling:

– 100 gr (1 stick minus 1 tablespoon)

– 5 garlic cloves

– 1-2 bunches of fresh parsley

– lemon zest from 1/2 lemon

For coating:

– 2 eggs

– 3-4 tablespoons flour

– 5-6 tablespoons breadcrumbs

You also need:

– vegetable oil for frying the chicken

How to make chicken Kiev

You should start by preparing the filling.

Use a small bowl to stir together soft butter, fresh parsley, chopped, crushed garlic and lemon zest. Season with salt and pepper.

Transfer to a plastic foil and roll out tight into a bar. This log should fit the pocket you are going to make into the chicken breast.

Freeze for about 15-20 minutes.

Meanwhile you should prepare the chicken.

Place 1 half chicken breast onto the chopping board. Insert a sharp and long knife in the middle of the larger end of chicken. Make a deep cut but stop before reaching the other end. Run the knife inside the chicken to create a pocket.

Remove the butter bar from the freezer and cut it into 4 pieces.Open the pocket up with your fingers and push one piece of frozen butter into the pocket.

Seal the pocket with a toothpick.
Repeat with the remaining pieces of chicken.
Season the chicken with salt and pepper.
Pour enough vegetable oil into a frying pan so that the chicken can “swim”. Place the frying pan over medium heat.

Place 3-4 tablespoons of flour onto a plate and 5-6 tablespoons of breadcrumbs onto another plate. Crack the eggs into a bowl and slightly beat them with a fork.

Take 1 piece of chicken and dip it into the flour, coating it evenly. Dip in egg, then evenly coat with breadcrumbs.

Repeat with the remaining chicken.

Drop chicken Kiev into hot oil and fry on both sides until golden brown.

Transfer to paper towels.

Serve this delicious chicken Kiev along with your favorite garnish.

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