Hungarian Pinched Noodles (Csipetke) Recipe

Hungarian Pinched Noodles – Csipetke – are an easy to make egg noodle in the shape of a dumpling. Though making homemade noodles or dumplings for a soup might sound very complicated, it’s actually quick and easy. I mean if you have enough time to make a soup you definitely have enough time to make a bowl of noodles :).

Csipetke, these tiny pieces of pasta can be made in a few minutes and added to your favorite soup. Also csipetke can be made ahead, dried and stored in an airtight container for a few days.

These noodles are called Csipetke which means pinched because traditionally they are made by pinching small pieces of dough. I found out that pinched noodles look pretty funny and trust me, it’s not so simple to pinch so many pieces of dough… You can use this method if you make a small amount of noodles. When I make a large amount of noodles, I prefer to roll out the dough into small ropes and the cut small dumplings. It’s definitely easier!

To prepare these homemade noodles you need only 2 ingredients: eggs and flour and season with salt and pepper. Beat the egg, season and stir in the flour. Then divide the dough into pieces, shape into ropes and cut dumplings. You should work with flour because these tiny noodles stick together very easy.

I’ve made these dumplings for a delicious Hungarian Goulash but they can be used for any soup or stew (instead of other pasta or rice).

Here are a few soup and stew recipes:

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Roasted mushroom soup

Roasted pumpkin and beetroot soup

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Ingredients for Hungarian Pinched Noodles (Csipetke) Recipe

– 1 egg

– 80 gr (2/3 cup) flour

– a pinch of salt

– a pinch of pepper

You also need a little flour to sprinkle

How to make Hungarian Pinched Noodles (Csipetke)

Crack the egg into a bowl. Beat the egg with a fork and season with salt and pepper. Stir in the flour. You should obtain a soft dough. If the dough is too sticky, you may add a little more flour. You can 
use the dough right away but for the best results you should let the dough rest for about 15 minutes.
Next you can pinch small pieces of dough and toss them into simmering soup. I prefer to use a knife 🙂
So, place the dough onto the slightly floured table. Divide the dough into small pieces (about 8) and shape each piece of dough into a rope. Place the ropes one next to another and cut small pieces of dough. Roll the dumplings in flour and transfer to a platter.

Next you can toss the dumplings into your favorite soup or let dry and store in an airtight container for a few days.
Hungarian Pinched Noodles require about 8 – up to 15 minutes of cooking time (depending on their size).



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