savory ham and cheese bread
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Savory ham and cheese bread – Video recipe

This savory ham and cheese bread makes the perfect choice for breakfast or for a snack. It’s very tasty and packed with flavor but also very quick and easy to make with budget friendly ingredients. And it looks great!

To prepare this savory ham and cheese bread you can use your favorite ham and cheese, including leftovers. Different types of ham and cheese would work too. This savory homemade bread is very tasty with ham and cheese but I prefer to add and a few veggies.

What can we add to our savory bread?

The answer is very easy: anything we want. I always add onions, for taste, and olives, because we love them. Tip: cooked onion is much more tasty and sweet than raw onion. Red bell pepper, sweet corn or dried tomatoes work great too. Some veggies like peas, green beans or mushrooms must be cooked first. You can also add some fresh herbs like parsley, dill or cilantro.

This savory ham and cheese bread is very quick and easy to make. Just combine all the ingredients, transfer the batter to the baking pan and bake.

Serve this delicious homemade savory bread along with a Greek yogurt or with your favorite salad.

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You also need a 30/11.5cm (11.8-4.5 inches) loaf pan

Ingredients for a 30/11.5cm (11.8-4.5 inches) loaf pan:

– 6 eggs
– 150 gr (1 cup and 3 tablespoons) flour 
– 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (+ 2 more tablespoons to cook the onion)
– 200 gr (7 oz) ham, diced  
– 1 red bell pepper

– 200 gr (7 oz) cheese (grated or diced) – 150 gr (5.3 oz) pitted olives
– 1 onion 
– 1 teaspoon baking powder
– salt and pepper to taste

You also need: butter and breadcrumbs to coat the loaf pan 

How to make Savory ham and cheese bread:

Combine flour and baking powder. Set aside.

Place into a skillet diced onion along with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Place the skillet over medium heat and cook, stirring often, until the onion changes color. Remove from heat and let cool.

Crack the eggs into a large bowl, add salt and mix until fluffy.

Add the flour combined with baking powder and mix to combine.

Then add the vegetable oil and ground pepper and mix to combine.

Add the onion (along with the vegetable oil from the skillet) and grated cheese. Stir to combine.

Then stir in the olives, red bell pepper and ham finely chopped. 

Transfer the prepared batter to the loaf pan (buttered and coated with breadcrumbs). Level the batter with a spatula.

Place the savory bread into the preheated oven and bake on 180ºC (356ºF) for about 30-35 minutes. Make the toothpick test: Insert a toothpick in the center of the bread. The toothpick should come out clean. If it’s wet, you should bake the bread for a few more minutes.

Let cool on wire racks.

Serve this delicious savory ham and cheese bread along with your favorite salad or along with a Greek yogurt.


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