• Naan bread

    Naan bread

    This homemade Naan bread is incredibly soft and delicate and very tasty. It’s my favorite bread recipe! Also this homemade Naan bread is very easy to make with a handful of simple ingredients. What is Naan bread? Naan is a leavened, traditionally oven-baked flatbread very popular in Western Asia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Caribbean.It’s a type of thick flatbread, leavened with yeast or with bread starter. You can also use unleavened dough to make Naan (similar to the dough used to make roti). Also, you can substitute baking powder for the yeast. More bread recipes Easy flatbread (No yeast)No knead homemade breadHomemade potato breadFeta cheese stuffed pita breadHam and…

  • Snow Queen cake recipe
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    Snow Queen cake – video recipe

    This Snow Queen cake is an amazing combo of soft and light as a feather cake, chocolate cream and vanilla cream separated by a biscuit layer and topped with whipped cream and desiccated coconut. It’s absolutely delicious and budget friendly and it looks great with all those rich and creamy layers. If You can’t decide what to choose between chocolate and vanilla, then this Snow Queen cake is the perfect choice for you. More chocolate cakes Chocolate cake roll (Swiss roll)Triple chocolate mousse cakeChocolate poke cakeEasy chocolate cakeLa Bête noire (The Black beast) – flourless chocolate cake (video recipe) The Snow Queen cake layers The first layer is made of…

  • Batter fried chicken cutlets
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    Batter fried chicken cutlets

    So juicy, tender and packed with flavor, these batter fried chicken cutlets make the perfect choice for a quick and satisfying dinner. These delicious cutlets go great with mashed potatoes, with fries or with your favorite salad. My favorite combo is batter fried chicken cutlets, fries and pickles 😋 And, if you love homemade burgers, you can make a delicious sandwich with fried chicken, fries, cheese, mayo, ketchup and your favorite veggies. Oh, I’m already drooling 😁 Sides ideas Greek lemon potatoesCheesy cauliflower casseroleVegetable stuffed potatoesEasy bulgur pilaf recipeHush puppies These chicken cutlets are pretty easy to make with a handful of ingredients.You need boneless chicken breast, sour cream, eggs,…