• Vegan chocolate biscuit salami
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    Vegan chocolate biscuit salami

    So rich and delicious, this vegan chocolate biscuit salami is amazing! And it’s so incredibly easy to make with a handful of simple and budget friendly ingredients! This homemade chocolate biscuit salami just became a family favorite! It makes a great choice for a quick and easy dessert but also for breakfast or for an after school snack. What ingredients to use for vegan chocolate biscuit salamiWe have to use vegan ingredients like vegan biscuits and vegan dark chocolate. It won’t be a problem to find all these ingredients in any supermarket.To make the syrup you need water, sugar, cocoa powder and your favorite essence. Also, you can add dried…

  • Peach cookies
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    Peach cookies – video recipe

    These peach cookies look like real peaches and they are absolutely delicious! These homemade cookies are filled with cocoa buttercream, dipped in yellow and red milk syrup and coated with sugar. They are absolutely amazing! I think these cookies are Italian, but they are very popular in Romania because they are budget friendly and yet so cute and delicious!There is, though, a little disadvantage: you have to scoop the center of each cookie and this might take a while. But it totally worth the effort because these cookies are incredibly tender and tasty! What we need to make peach cookies The recipe calls for simple ingredients like flour, sugar, vegetable oil,…