• Snow Queen cake recipe
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    Snow Queen cake – video recipe

    This Snow Queen cake is an amazing combo of soft and light as a feather cake, chocolate cream and vanilla cream separated by a biscuit layer and topped with whipped cream and desiccated coconut. It’s absolutely delicious and budget friendly and it looks great with all those rich and creamy layers. If You can’t decide what to choose between chocolate and vanilla, then this Snow Queen cake is the perfect choice for you. More chocolate cakes Chocolate cake roll (Swiss roll)Triple chocolate mousse cakeChocolate poke cakeEasy chocolate cakeLa Bête noire (The Black beast) – flourless chocolate cake (video recipe) The Snow Queen cake layers The first layer is made of…

  • Chocolate heart cookies
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    Chocolate heart cookies – video recipe

    See how cute these chocolate heart cookies are? You can make these homemade chocolate cookies for Valentine’s Day or any occasion when you want to offer a sweet gift to your loved ones.These chocolate heart cookies are absolutely delicious and pretty easy to make. Just prepare the dough, shape small balls and coat with sugar then bake. Let cool only for 5 minutes then press one chocolate heart in the center of each cookie. These chocolate heart cookies are quick and easy to make and everybody loves them. More chocolate cookie recipes Nutella thumbprint cookiesChocolate chunk cookies Valentine’s Day cookiesChocolate Ischler cookiesChocolate crinkle cookies Ingredients (about 36 cookies): – 200 gr…

  • Chocolate cake roll
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    Chocolate cake roll (Swiss roll)

    This chocolate cake roll is a delicious combo of soft and fluffy sponge cake, chocolate ganache and chocolate glaze. So rich and delicious, this homemade chocolate cake is a family favorite. And I’m sure that once you have tasted this three layer chocolate goodness it will become your favorite too. This Swiss roll is also pretty easy to prepare. You should start with the chocolate ganache because the recipe calls for chilling time. Then make the chocolate sponge cake (you can find here tips for the perfect sponge cake). Once the cake is baked, remove it from the baking pan. Don’t let cool! Roll the sponge cake up into parchment parchment…

  • Triple chocolate mousse cake recipe
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    Triple chocolate mousse cake

    This triple chocolate mousse cake is so rich, creamy and decadent and yet incredibly easy to make! This homemade chocolate cake is a family favorite and you definitely have to give it a try.I’ve made a quick and easy version of this triple chocolate mousse cake: no baking, no cooking, just melting some chocolate and whipping some cream 😀 I thing this is the easiest cake recipe ever.I didn’t wanted to bake a cake so I’ve made an Oreo crust with crumbled Oreos and melted butter. It was a great choice because these cookies go great with chocolate and I’ve saved a lot of time. To make the crust just…

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    Chocolate chunk muffins video recipe

    Perfectly soft and moist, vanilla and cinnamon flavored and loaded with dark chocolate, these chocolate chunk muffins are amazing! And guess what: these cinnamon chocolate muffins are budget friendly and also pretty easy to make. These homemade chocolate muffins make the perfect choice for breakfast, for dessert or for an after school snack.The recipe calls for simple ingredients like milk, yogurt, vegetable oil, flour and chocolate. And there are also a few tips I want to share with you. Fresh and room temperature ingredinets First, use fresh and room temperature ingredients. Why should we use room temperature ingredients? Certain ingredients like butter, eggs, milk or yogurt must be at room…

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    Chocolate poke cake – video recipe

    This chocolate poke cake just became our favorite chocolate cake! And do you want to know why? Because it’s and absolutely amazing combo of soft, rich and moist chocolate cake infused with delicious cream made with melted chocolate and sweetened condensed milk and topped with chocolate ganache. Also, this delicious chocolate layer cake is very easy to prepare and it makes the perfect choice for holidays. I must admit that I’m a chocoholic and chocolate cakes are my favorites 🙂 If you are also a chocoholic then you must try these chocolate cakes Chocolate cake recipes – Easy chocolate cake – La bete noire (the black beast) Flourless chocolate cake…

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    Chocolate Ischler cookies – video recipe

    So tender and flavorful, filled with chocolate and covered with chocolate, these chocolate Ischler cookies are the best! Ischlers are Austrian cookies but they are also very popular in Romania. We love to have these nutty, tender and loaded with chocolate cookies on each Holiday, especially for Christmas. According to the original recipe, Ischlers consists of two Linzer cookies filled with jam (especially apricot jam) and topped with melted chocolate. More chocolate recipes here. I’m a huge chocolate lover, so I prefer chocolate filled cookies. They are so rich and decadent 🙂 The dough is pretty easy to make. It can be a plain Linzer dough or it can be…

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    La Bête noire (The Black beast) – flourless chocolate cake (video recipe)

    This flourless chocolate cake, also known as La Bête noire black (the black beast) is the best chocolate cake! It’s pure chocolate! It’s so rich, creamy and flavorful and yet incredibly easy to make :). I love this flourless chocolate cake because it looks fancy but it’s quick and easy to make with a handful of ingredients. It’s definitely a recipe for beginners! I saw this recipe on Liz blog and I said to myself: “hey, this cake has such a funny name and it looks sooo good!” So I put it on my to do list. Why is this cake called the “black beast” or La Bête Noire? I really…

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    Easy chocolate cake – video recipe

    Still looking for the perfect chocolate cake! Well, good news: you just found the best ever chocolate cake! Everybody loves this chocolate cake and it makes the perfect choice for any anniversary. This two layer chocolate cake is dense and fudgy, perfectly moist with a brownie like texture. And it’s so incredibly easy to make! Also, this made from scratch chocolate cake calls for simple ingredients like flour, cocoa powder, vegetable oil, sugar and eggs. To prepare this chocolate cake all you have to do is to combine all the ingredients. You may use a mixer but a whisk will work as well. I prefer to combine first the wet…

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    Chocolate buttercream (video recipe)

    This chocolate buttercream is my favorite frosting! It makes the perfect choice for cakes, for cupcakes, for brownies or for cookies. This chocolate buttercream is so creamy, smooth, rich and decadent… Mmm, and it’s absolutely delicious and it holds its shape perfectly! So, this chocolate buttercream is the best frosting for piping. And it’s incredibly easy to prepare with only 3 main ingredients! I say only 3 main ingredients because this frosting tastes amazing even without vanilla or rum essence and instead of milk or heavy cream you may use water. So you can prepare this chocolate buttercream using only butter, confectioners’ sugar and cocoa powder. A few tips for…